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About us


Missy Poo's Sensations sells natural based products that address the scalp and the body.  Missy Poo's Sensations products are designed for natural hair types and all types of locs.

-Missy Poo's Sensations started a cute idea back in 2006 by Dr. Tanya Taylor, owner.  She began making soy candles for hobbies, and when more and more people wanted them, she began making more candles.  It was around this same time that she decided to give up the relaxed hair mode and go natural.

She suffered with seborrheic dermatitis and severe allergies to hair relaxers.  Although there were a lot of products on the market, there weren't many to help her address her scalp issues.

Dr. Tanya Taylor started out as an educator and due to her extension background in hair, biology, and chemisty- evolved into a product developer, manufacturer and distributor of Missy Poo's Sensations.  She even went on to become a Natural Hair Care Specialist as well as a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant.

Missy Poo's Sensations is located in the Houston, Texas area:

Missy Poo's Sensations

PO Box 451468

Houston, TX 77245


instagram: missypoossensations

facebook: missypoossensations